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Life insurance for Families

Families come in a lot of different configurations:  

  • single people with or without children
  • two adults with and without children
  • two adults with grown children
  • two adults with grand children

It does not matter what the family make up is, all families have expenses and commitments. These expenses are related to their homes, transportation and daily living. Then if children are involved the expenses broaden for childcare and towards future projections for children’s education. 

The other very important point is that families all live within a budget. There are several different types of insurance. What is different about each, and which policies suit your family, and your budget, the best are common questions.

Not sure where to get started: We can help.

click the category below you see yourself in: 

Life insurance
  • Cash for your family to continue with their lifestyle
  • Cash to pay off mortgages
  • Cash to set aside for children's education
  • Collateral for house mortgages
  • Estate planning
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Disability Insurance
  • Top-up coverage for existing group plans
  • Income for the family if one of the spouses is disabled
(If you are an employee you should learn about the disability coverage you have at work and what the benefits might be)
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Health Insurance
  • A lump sum benefit after a critical illness is experienced
  • Cash for medical expenses
  • Cash for home renovations to accommodate an illness 
  • Cash to be able to take the time you need for your health to recover
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