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Health Insurance

Health insurance for business owners

When businessowners set up a private medical insurance plan for employees they are extending health coverage beyond the basic coverage provided by Canada’s Medicare system. As Canadians we depend on our Provincial Canadian health care system to provide access to basic medical care. There are many areas of medical coverage that are not included in the provincial health care system, including:  

  • Dental care  
  • Prescription medications  
  • Vision care  
  • Physical and psychological therapies  
  • Emergency medical services when traveling outside our province or the country

For most businessowners the success of the business is dependent on having knowledgeable, happy employees. Having a private health insurance plan goes a long way in showing your employees you care.  

But sometimes small business owners say I only have a few employees we don’t quality for a group health care plan. Every business, of every size can have a private health care plan. For small businesses, the owners can set up an individual plan for each employee.  

For example, let’s say you only have 3 employees. You could set up an individual private health care plan for each employee. You can set up the plans with the benefits that are the most important to each employee. Another advantage is that if the employee leaves your business the employee has the options to carry on the plan on their own by just paying the premiums personally.

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