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Life Insurance For Business owners

With entrepreneurship comes responsibility. The responsibility is first and foremost to your family who supported you to take on your endeavor, and secondly responsibility goes to your partners, employees, your bank, and your customers. For many business owners and self-employed people, especially in start-ups and the early years, you are the business. The success of the business is completely dependent on you being alive and going to work.  

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Life insurance
  • Cash for your family
  • Cash for your partners
  • Cash for the business to pay off loans 
  • Collateral for business loans
  • Liquidity for buy-sell agreements
  • Succession planning
  • Estate planning
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Disability Insurance
  • Business owner income in the event of a disability
  • A disability buy-out benefit so the partners can continue the business with a buy-out
  • Income for the business when a key person is disabled
  • A disability benefit so the loan payments can continue
  • Benefits for buy-sell agreements
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Health Insurance
  • Benefit for the employees
  • Dental claims, prescriptions claims and disability benefits to name a few
  • Benefits for the owners family
  • A reason for employees to stay with the business
  • Removes the owners emotional liability in the event of a serious employee illness or injury
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Life & Disability Insurance for Alberta Health Care Professionals, Business Owners, and Their Families Since 1983