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Whole Life Insurance For Business owners

Whole Life insurance offers permanent protection for life. In addition, the policies provide for tax-advantaged investing with guaranteed premiums and cash values.

The features you get in Whole Life insurance that are not available in other types of life insurance are:

  1. Premiums are guaranteed. The premium choices are, premiums paid for life, or for a limited number of years, example 10 years or 20 years. Like pre-paying your mortgage if premiums are paid over a shorter period the premiums will be higher. 
  2. The death benefit is also guaranteed if premiums are continued. 
  3. Whole life insurance policies also have a guaranteed cash value. The cash values grow over time depending on the premium level and the dividend credited rate. 
  4. The dividend rate is determined once per year. 

Whole life insurance is for businessowners who have maximized non-registered and registered savings options but have additional assets that they could benefit from additional tax-advantaged options. 

Whole life insurance is a solution for businessowners looking to: 

  • Protect their business and maintain some access to cash
  • Pass on the cash values in a private company 
  • The cash value can be used as collateral for bank loans
  • Loan liabilities can be paid off at death
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