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Vistaplan Financial Group—Expert Advice for All Your Insurance Needs

If you only wanted to buy an insurance policy, you could find any amount of brokers and vendors in the market. However, buying insurance is not as simple as holiday shopping. Okay, holiday shopping isn't easy either; we agree—too many choices, too little time, too little money to spend, and so on. So you rely on wish lists, advice from family and friends and frantically comparison shop for the best deals, online and offline.

In that respect, buying Corporate, Disability, Super Visa, Mortgage & Life insurance involves much the same kind of effort. There is one huge difference though; it is possible to get the right financial advice that's both objective and unbiased. You do not have to buy off-the-shelf insurance plans because one size does not fit all. Custom-tailored plans are available and you have the right to seek these out.

At Vistaplan Financial Group, our focus is on identifying individual customer needs, offering a list of suitable options and helping our clients choose the insurance coverage that is ideally matched to their goals. We can help you answer key questions such as:

  • How to determine the amount and kind of insurance
  • How to choose your life insurance
  • What is mortgage insurance and why do you need it?
  • Why you should think about disability insurance
  • How to evaluate and choose a good disability insurance contract
  • How does universal life insurance work?
  • What are the different types of term life insurance?
  • What’s the connection between life insurance and estate planning?

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David Motkosk At the Helm of Vistaplan Financial Group

David Motkoski—At the Helm of Vistaplan Financial Group

The team at Vistaplan is led by David Motkoski, a well-respected insurance adviser to hundreds of businesses and individual clients. David has 30+ years of experience in this industry and demonstrated expertise in life and disability, office overhead, critical illness, long term care, and business accident insurance.

David helps self-employed healthcare professionals, e.g. dentists and MD's, as well as small and medium-sized business owners who are concerned with their family/business and protecting their assets and securities.

David began his career in the insurance industry with Paul Revere Life Insurance, a firm that was later purchased by Unum, a leading provider. He has strong ties with Transamerica Life Insurance and Maritime Life insurance (which was purchased by Manulife). Vistaplan Financial Group offers the insurance products from these companies under its comprehensive portfolio of offerings.

David has won numerous "Top Producer" awards in his history with both Maritime Life Insurance and Paul Revere Life Insurance.

Curtis Hiron Vistaplan Financial Group

Curtis Hiron

Curtis is a dedicated and compassionate life insurance agent with a mission to help individuals and families protect their financial future.  Curtis is developing a deep understanding of the complexities and importance of life insurance.

Curtis’s commitment to all the Vistaplan Financial Group clients goes beyond simply selling policies.  He takes the time to listen and understand the unique needs, goals, and concerns of each person he deals with.  By doing so, he can provide personalized and comprehensive solutions tailored to each client’s needs and budget.

Curtis continuously expands his expertise through ongoing professional development and training.

Carrying on the goals of Vistaplan Financial Group, Curtis prides himself on building long-lasting relationships with our clients.

In addition to his expertise in life insurance, Curtis possesses excellent analytical skills and attention to detail.  His Bachelor of Commerce in Finance from the UofA is a contributing factor to his knowledge.

Outside his professional life, Curtis enjoys escaping to the mountains with his lovely wife and two beautiful little girls for some hiking and biking.

Whether you’re looking to protect your family or leaving a lasting legacy, Curtis Hiron is a life insurance agent you can trust.

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