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Is the Cheapest Disability Insurance What You Want?

A surprising idea about the way the human mind works.  Let me explain. 

Our ability to earn an income next to our health and our time might be the most valuable thing we have. 

Think about it, are your bills, those utility bills, mortgage payments, car payments, children’s education support, and oh yes, food costs, do all these bills only come in if you’re working?  Or can we assume they will likely continue even if you suffered a disability and have to stop working?  We know the answer, of course they continue.

What sometimes surprises me when individuals look for disability insurance often the cheapest disability policy is what individuals want.  Why would that be?

Successful business people or professional wants to live in the best community, want to drive the best cars, eat at the best restaurants, yet this same person will look for the cheapest disability policy.

With disability insurance you get what you pay for.  The best policies have the best benefits and the most guarantees both in benefits and premiums. We all heard the stories about the people who did not collect because of a poor quality policy.

You might lose your car, lose your home and if you have time, health and an income you will recover. But lose your income because of a disability, what happens to your life?

For a disability insurance quote and an explanation about the benefits available call 780 433 3900 and ask for David. 

Time, health and your income built a life are you willing to lose it?

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