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Posted: 8 Jun '12

Disability Insurance; who really collects?

Disability insurance is not as simple as one might think.  There are many contract definitions that come into play and many different ways that a person might become disabled.  But if you own a disability insurance contract or are looking to purchase one, please talk to someone who knows disability insurance and has the ability to explain it to you so you understand what will happen at claim time.

Real Claim Examples

A person jumped into his car and drove only a few blocks, through one intersection, and was broad sided in the drives side by a car that did not stop at a stop sign.  Resulted in a brain injury he never worked another day.  Disability insurance became the family income for 16 years.

A professional working some incredible hours reached a breaking point, had to pull himself out of his practice.  After a number of medical tests the result total disability for a couple of years followed by part-time work the rest of his life.  Disability insurance supplemented that part time income.

A person on his farm, looking for some lost cattle at dusk, went over a 30 foot cliff on his quad.  Lucky to be alive and not paralyzed collect disability insurance during his recovery.

What these examples and all my other clients on claim have in common is that none of them had never been ill or injured before these events occurred.  In fact most of my clients on claim really questioned if they should buy disability insurance at all.  Could it be a waste of money?

Have you thought that, could disability insurance be a waste of money?  Please don’t let that one thought stand between you and income that will support yourself and your family if some bad luck should come your way and you are forced to quit working due to a disability.

To get a quote, get a second opinion or just get some questions answered contact a knowledgeable disability insurance agent today by calling our office, we would be happy to help you.

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