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Waiting List Insurance
Waiting List Insurance

Have You Ever Been Told you Need to see a Specialist?

If your family doctor has told you that you need a specialist for a proper diagnosis, then you may end up waiting months to see a specialist. Not only does this add stress to your life, but it can add more time to your untreated illness.


What is covered?

Waiting list insurance provides you with coverage for 10 types of specialists for a variety of procedures:

Once your policy has been active for 24 consecutive months, waiting list insurance will also help to cover pre-existing disorders from the above listed specialists. Your doctor will book the first available appointment with the nearest appropriate specialist to avoid a longer wait period or excess travel.

Whether you need waiting list insurance as a single person or for group coverage, never worry about putting your life on hold for a diagnosis. Waiting list insurance will allow you immediate access to diagnostic examinations, specialist consultations, and surgical procedures.

If you think that waiting list insurance can benefit you, get in touch with us to discuss your options.

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