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Disability Insurance
Private Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance Edmonton

You insure your most valuable possessions - like your home or your car - but have you insured the income that allows you to afford these luxuries? Many people take their good health for granted, believing accidents are what happen to other people. The truth is, medical crisis can strike at the least expected moment. If you have loved ones who depend on your income, how would their lives be impacted by the sudden illness or disability of the household’s primary income earner?

Disability insurance can not only help you pay for expensive medical care, but can also help you maintain your standard of living by replacing part of your income during an extended illness.

Who Needs Disability Insurance?

Ask yourself the following:

When Should you get Disability Insurance?

An illness or accident can happen without warning, putting everything about the lifestyle you enjoy today - your career, home, car, vacations and prized possessions - at risk. Plan now, when you’re young and healthy, to make sure your family’s future is protected.

We offer a wide range of disability insurance products to suit all occupations and budgets. Ask an advisor how a disability policy can prevent an unexpected illness or accident from derailing your future dreams and goals.

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